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Sports Massage

With Teresa Bacon

Sports Massage is a sport-specific massage, working deep into problem areas; decreasing pain from tight and sore muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and encouraging the separation of muscle fibres which in turn enables more efficient use of muscles and improves flexibility.
Treatment can aid in recovery from over exercise and decrease recovery time between training sessions.
General advice on injury prevention and rehabilitation is also given as part of the treatment.
Bowen Technique is a light touch therapy promoting the body to realign and reset itself. It is non-intrusive and gentle, no manipulation is involved and no force is used or required. Fingers and thumbs are used on the body to make “moves” that gently disturb the muscles and energy within the body. The client is then left to rest for a short time to allow the body to make the changes that will initiate the healing process.
It is a gentle, relaxing and effective treatment.
Please note: for maximum benefit, Bowen Technique does not mix well with other physical therapies such as Massage or Physiotherapy.

£50 for 1 Hour.

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